Increase of tariffs from April 15, 2018

Dear Subscribers!

In the conditions of constant growth of the main components of tariffs, in particular, the minimum wage, the cost of electric energy, fuel and energy and other material resources, there was a discrepancy between operating tariffs and actual costs for the provision of telecommunication services. Thus, the cost of services of PJSC "Odesaoblenergo" in 2018 increased by more than 50% compared with 2017, the cost of electric energy increased by 10%, the cost of renting technological facilities increased by 40%, fuel materials increased in price during the last year by 27% and so on.

Consequently, bringing tariffs for telecommunication services to an economically justified level is a necessary measure for proper functioning of the enterprise, namely, for normal maintenance and functioning of the network, carrying out of repair and preventive works.
Taking into account the above, the BELLNET company is forced to increase the subscription fee starting from 15.04.2018.

To clarify the tariff plans for your locality, please visit our site in the section "Coverage and tariffs" or call (048) 705-45-57 from 08.00 to 20.00 daily.

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