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Dear Belnet subscribers, we would like to advise you on the principles of operation of all Internet resources during quarantine in the world.
Since the number of users has sharply increased during this period, when using certain Internet resources or services, incorrectness and instability in work can be observed.
A similar increase in traffic growth was not predictable.
Our company, as well as the companies that are responsible for the IT sector in the world, are doing everything possible to provide you with the highest quality service in this difficult period.
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some news related to Internet resources used by you:

Netflix and YouTube reduce video resolution to reduce traffic and server load.

An English article about the work of services such as Netflix, YouTube, Google, Amazon.

The policy of providing Facebook content and its services.

The work of courier services.

We also recommend spending this time for the benefit of you and your children.

Adult education programs.

Learning information for children.

Training on the couch.

For the  detailed consultation, you can contact us by the technical support phones listed in the "Contacts" section of the site, in the Telegram, as well as on the official Facebook page.

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