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Frequently asked questions of BELNET subscribers and answers to them. Perhaps you will find in the list of frequently asked questions the answer to your question. If you do not find the information that interests you, contact technical support operators, they will certainly help you.

With the technical possibility of connection you can familiarize yourself by going to the section "Coverage and Tariffs"; Then select "Area" → "District" → "City". Also on the page you selected the settlement you can see the tariffs.

(!) If in your locality there is no technical connection possibility, please contact us using the contact form by clicking the "Connect" button on the page where there is no technical possibility, and leave a request for technical connectivity testing.

You can replenish your personal account in one of the following ways:

- With the help of Privat24 in your account on our website

- using Privatbank terminals

- using Easypay terminals

- on the official website Easypay

- to the details, using the cash desk of any bank (in the comment. you must specify the login)

- Unicard on the website or by telephone with the help of the technical support department

* When replenishing through other terminals, funds may arrive with a delay of up to 3 days.

1. Follow the link

2. In the search bar write Belnet

3. In the username field enter your username and amount

4. Enter card details

5. Click top up

* Online payment limit must be set on the card.

1. On our site, go to your account Enter your username and 6 digits from the image. To access detailed information, you must click on the button "Want to know more" and then enter your password

2. By contacting the technical support department by phone numbers or via email

Funds are debited daily at 08:00 am for the current day of using the services.

If the funds are not credited to the personal account, this is possible if the account was replenished on Friday evening and the funds can be credited with a delay of up to 3 business days. You can send a payment receipt to, after which contact us and our administrators will be able to unlock the account.

First you need to erase the protective coating, then go to your personal account on our website and below in the field, replenishment with a scratch card, to enter enter the 12-digit numeric code. Replenishment will be credited automatically within 10 minutes.

If you run out of funds and your personal account is blocked, you need to contact, by telephone, the technical support department and we will be able to unblock your access until 08:00 the next morning.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for self-unlocking. You can unblock an account by contacting us in any way you like by phone using the technical support department or via the form on the official Facebook page

The subscription fee is charged automatically every day at 08:00 am. If you do not use the Internet for a long time, you can activate the service of temporary account freezing by contacting the technical support department.

If the site indicates that there is no technical capability, you can contact the technical support department and clarify the information or send an e-mail to for exact coordinates and a contact phone number. We will check connectivity and contact you.

If we have the technical ability to connect in this locality, then you can make an application, our specialist will come to install the antenna and adjust it to the equipment installed in the new locality.

We have this service, you can order it by contacting the technical support department or by sending an e-mail to the mail with contact information (login, contact phone number) after assigning a static IP address, our specialist will contact you.

We have the ability to connect IPTV, however, only for subscribers who are connected via fiber-optic communication.

At the moment, you can activate on TV set-top boxes, LG, Samsung, Android and Apple TVs, smartphones and tablets. You need to install the OmegaTV application. Further, when launching this application, you will need to enter an activation code, which you can learn from by contacting our experts.

To change the tariff plan, you need to contact the technical support department using the phone numbers listed in the “Contacts” section and our operator will voice all available tariff plans for your location and change it to the selected one.

In order to cancel the service that was activated earlier, you need to contact us at the phone numbers listed in the contacts section, sending a request by e-mail.

We provide services both in wireless communication and fiber optic in various locations. To clarify the cost of connection for your locality, contact the technical support department or ask a question via the form on the page in Facebook

We have the ability to block a personal account, if you don’t use the services for a long time. This service is paid and you can order it by contacting us in any convenient way. After a call from the subscriber, the personal account is blocked for an indefinite period, until you call us back and ask for unlocking.

The cost of blocking a subscriber’s personal account is 20 UAH. At the time of the subscriber's call, it is necessary to have an amount on the balance of the personal account equal to UAH 20, since the fee for this service is charged during the day.

You can follow all current promotions on our website or on the official Facebook page 

To connect you need to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and make an application for connection. After that, our specialist will make the connection.

Since the confirmation of the application with the operator of technical support, the arrival of a specialist from 3 to 5 working days.

If, after 5 working days, our specialist has not contacted you and has not agreed on the date of arrival, please contact the technical support department and we will clarify the information when you will have it.

On our website, in the "Subscribers" section, select the "Speed test" item and then click "Go to test" and click "Start". After the launch, the testing will be performed and the results of the connection speed will be displayed.

First you need to check if you have any vpn extension active in your web browser. If they are active, you must turn them off and check the connection speed again. Also, if you are connected via Wi-Fi, this may be due to the peculiarity of the technology, you need to connect directly to a laptop or computer and check the connection speed after that. You can check the connection speed at the following links:

The fact is that when downloading files from the Internet, users are shown not the connection speed, but the amount of data per unit of time. Mbps is the connection speed, and Mbps is the amount of data. Speed is measured in megabytes per second, and the amount of information in megabytes per second. To calculate Internet speed by download speed, you need to multiply the number of megabytes per second by 8, the result will be equal to the Internet speed. N (MB\s) * 8 = m (Mbit\s). For example, 2 MB\s * 8 = 16 Mbit/s, which corresponds to the tariff plan.

If you have the equipment and it is technically possible to connect in your locality. You can contact the technical support department or in any other convenient way, indicating the model of the equipment to which you want to connect. If this equipment is compatible with our distribution equipment, in this case there is a possibility of connection.

You need to purchase a router by yourself or from our specialist when you connect. (If the router was purchased when connecting, our expert will configure it). If you purchased the router yourself:

- if you are connected by wireless type of communication - you need a cable that comes from the antenna power supply and is connected to the LAN connector to connect to the router and configure it.

- if you are connected via fiber-optic communication type - you need to connect the cable from the device to the router and configure it and establish a pppoe connection.

If you have a fiber-optic connection, you must first try to restart your router and media converter. If after a reboot, you still cannot connect to the router, connect the cable directly from the router to your computer or laptop. After that, contact the technical support department for setting up the connection directly.

If you do not have a connection and the Los indicator is lit on the device, there is a high probability that the optical cable is damaged. It is necessary to check the cable for integrity and make sure that it does not sag. If you have any difficulties with the optical cable, you need to contact us and make a request to leave the specialist.

1. If you are connected via a wireless type of communication, you need to check whether the cable to the power supply unit is properly connected (the cable to the antenna must be connected to the POE port and the cable to the end device to the LAN port).

2. If you are connected via a fiber-optic type of communication, you need to check the indication on the device (for the device to work correctly, at least 3 indicators should be on)

When using vpn-extensions for web browsers or proxy services, you can observe that the connection speed does not correspond to the tariff plan, the download speed of video or web pages has increased. This occurs as a result of using VPN, since all traffic passes through one or more third-party servers that are located in other countries. They can be either private or belong to other organizations, which is also unsafe. The ip-address is also changed to the address of the country in which the servers are located.

Our company is developing and every year we connect localities to the fiber-optic communication line. About connecting new locations you can follow on our website in the News section or in our official Facebook group.

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